San Pietro in Trento

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The parish of San Pietro in Trento is located between the courses of the Montone and Ronco rivers. The name derives from the church’s location at mile thirty (according to Roman land division criteria) of the decumanus that runs across the north part of the province of Forlì.

The three-aisled church is dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul, and is largely constructed of reused material. The façade has a large double-lancet above the portal and a corbelled projection seen in other churches of Ravenna, such as San Pietro in Sylvis.
There are four pilaster strips on the façade that demarcate the interior subdivision of the nave. The sides of the church are crowned with a pensile blind arcade with single lancets underneath triple arches. The interior, simple and refined, has ten piers, a wood-trussed roof and an apse that is circular on the interior, polygonal on the exterior.
The raised presbytery has a marble altar hiding an oratory crypt, which recalls the crypt of the Basilica of San Francesco in Ravenna, as well as that of San Pietro in Sylvis. The construction material of the crypt is also largely reused.
The building has undergone several restorations, in particular in 1912-13 and 1923-27, which restored it to its original form following interventions of the 18-19th centuries, which had conferred Baroque forms on the church. The pavement was returned to its previous level during the restoration.
During the last world war, the bell tower was destroyed, along with the 15th-century fresco cycle in the lower room, falsely attributed to Melozzo da Foli.
The date of the building is uncertain, even if it is generally agreed to have been in the early 9th century. The crypt is dated around 1000-1026. The oldest written account of the parish is from 978.


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